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Dublin: 3 °C Sunday 23 November, 2014

Today’s News

Are You A Grown Up?

What’s your pension situation?

5 reasons why everyone should be watching The Fall

The secret: it’s better than Love/Hate.

From The world’s tallest roller-coaster will open in 2017 and is absolutely terrifying Vomit Comet This post contains a poll

What to watch on TV tonight: Sunday

Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.

Facebook’s new ‘special video’ will thank your friends for a ‘wild ride’

Looks like they didn’t test it on any Irish people…

Is this the world’s saddest council Christmas tree?

The tree is so pathetic, locals have started a campaign against it.

Niall Horan’s one-year-old nephew just became a professional model

Theo, aged 16 months, will be sharing an agent with Georgia Salpa.

From The Score One person didn’t look too impressed by Rob Kearney’s drop goal attempt High Standards This post contains videos
From Window cleaner survives 11-story fall onto moving car San Francisco

Window cleaner survives 11-story fall onto moving car

The man suffered critical injuries, but he was conscious, police said.

7 things Shane from Boyzone’s beard looks like, according to Jonathan Ross viewers Facial Rug This post contains a poll

Amazing cockpit video from a plane landing in thick fog at Dublin Airport

Remember the fog last week? This is pretty incredible.

11 motivational quotes and posters that won’t make you puke

Believe in yourself, or something.

Yesterday’s News

How Annoying Are You On Social Media?

Are you a Facebook saint or a Twitter headwreck? Take the quiz and find out.

9 of the most idiotic iPhone survival tests ever attempted

Don’t try these at home… or anywhere.

Very confused pigeons try to walk on ice

Dear God what happened to the floor?

From What’s the story with white whiskey? Craft Distiller

What’s the story with white whiskey?

Are we looking at the next big thing in craft drinks?

Would you buy an extra cinema ticket so strangers can’t sit next to you? This guy does. Legroom This post contains a poll

Here is Sinead O’Connor’s call for non-violent revolution on the Late Late Show

She called for “the creation of a second Republic of Ireland.”

So did people actually enjoy the TV3 Toy Show?

Here’s what social media thought of it.

9 of the most popular emojis, and what they REALLY mean

You might have thought emojis were pretty straightforward. You were wrong.

From What are the claims against Bill Cosby? And why are we only hearing about them now? Explainer

What are the claims against Bill Cosby? And why are we only hearing about them now?

Cosby’s reputation as ‘America’s TV dad’ has been steadily dismantled in recent days. Here’s what he’s being accused of – and how America’s been reacting…

Friday 21 November, 2014

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