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11 things Irish people buy on holiday

‘Sure we had to get some of the Tunisian pottery – you can’t get it anywhere else in the world!’

ACCORDING TO NEW data released this week, Irish people spend an average of €1,000 while on holiday.

Sounds about right, with all the ate-ing and drinking a good holiday costs a pretty penney.

Then of course, there’s the shopping.

We’re not sure how it happens, but it’s almost as if there’s some sort of black magic that takes control of us when we go on holidays.  Suddenly things we would never consider buying at home  become absolute necessities.

Here are eleven things Irish people buy on holiday.

A yoke to hang your keys from

Fierce useful altogether.



Not to use, mind.   To hang on the wall!


Shot glasses


Local pottery

It’s the only place in the world you can buy it, you know!


Sun hats which you will never wear at home


Novelty sunglasses


Fake designer handbags



You’d probably never buy one at home, but on holidays they’re remarkably appealing.


Other questionable pieces of jewelery

A necklace with a grain of rice in it with your name written on it, for example.


Local footwear

Usually wholly inappropriate for Ireland


A drop of the local booze

…which you will never drink.

Wine Laos

What useless things have you picked up during a trip away?

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