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The 13 types of tea drinker

We’re not all the same, you know.

TEA IS IMPORTANT to us Irish people.

It’s the best way to start and end a day, and at the right moment it can do wonders for your overall well-being.

But we all have our own ways of appreciating and interpreting the fine art of tea making.

Here are 13 different types of tea drinkers.

The weak tea drinkers


Source: Flickr

Also known as “boiled milk” due to its pale colour and absolute lack of any, y’know, tea.

The strong tea drinkers


Source: Tumblr

Brewed for ten minutes with only the slightest dash of milk. Preferable characteristics: a deep brown colour and a rusty taste. Mmm.

The black tea drinkers


Source: Flickr

These are generally students who can’t afford milk.

The sugary tea people


Source: Tumblr

Three spoons? Maybe you’d just prefer boiled sugar water?

The people who put the milk in first


Source: Flickr

Probably one of the more divisive aspects of tea-making. Some say it aids in cooling down the tea. Some say it’s just nonsense.

The picky tea drinkers


Source: Tumblr

Brewed for exactly 2 minutes, with one splash of milk, one sugar. And don’t forget their favourite mug.

The easy going tea drinkers


Source: Tumblr

They have no tea preference, just whatever you’re having yourself.

The people who always need a little treat with their tea


Source: Flickr

If you’re not going to bring out the biscuit tin, you might as well forget about it.

The die-hards


Source: Tumblr

The ones who always welcome a cuppa. Even during this summer’s heatwave, they craved their hot mug of cha. You have to respect that.

The fancy tea drinkers


Source: Naufragio

We’ll stick to the original, thanks.

The people who forget about their tea and reheat it in the microwave

microwave tea

Source: schmookle/Youtube

This has to be some sort of punishable offence.

The people who never finish their tea


Source: Imgur

You make them a cup of tea, lovingly, taking extra care to brew it perfectly and add the right amount of milk..and they leave about a third of it behind. Not. On.

The people who don’t drink tea at all


Source: Tumblr

That’s Sir Ian McKellan giving you the stinkeye over his own cuppa because WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Which type are you? Which type annoys you most? Let us know in the comments…

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