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Dublin: 0 °C Tuesday 21 April, 2015

Monday 13 April, 2015

13 of the most mortifying photo ops in the history of Irish politics

“This activity should play well with the young folk.”

Here’s how to chat about Game of Thrones, as Gaeilge Got

Here’s how to chat about Game of Thrones, as Gaeilge

Prepare yourself, GoT chat is coming…

What to watch on TV tonight: Monday

Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.

40 episodes of Game of Thrones in 40 sentences

Don’t mention the wedding.

TV producers probably regretted getting this guy to review a burger

“It’s good to pleasure yourself once a week.”

The Game of Thrones S5 premiere is absolutely blowing people away

From the theme tune onwards… (This post contains no spoilers)

Spike the guilty Limerick dog has the evidence written all over his face

“Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together.”

Oh nothing, just the clampers getting towed away in Dublin

“Doop de doo, nothing to see here” – clampers.

A man divorced his wife of 36 years because she had ‘deformed’ boobs

He claims he didn’t see her breasts until two years after they were married. Right.

There’s a job going for a ‘boner’ in Dublin

Look, we were just wondering if anyone was interested. *sniggers*

15 things everyone does but nobody ever talks about

Say it loud and say it proud.

Ryan Gosling just smacked down his own meme on Twitter… The Dredge

Aaaallll the best of the day’s celebrity dirt.

The owner of the ‘talking’ dog on Britain’s Got Talent is facing questions from animal charities

Marc Métral’s ventriloquism act wowed viewers on Saturday, but some people weren’t convinced.

The 12 best captions to Madonna lobbing the gob on Drake

Current mood: Drake.

Madonna shifted Drake at Coachella and it was utterly mortifying


Spoof ad perfectly sums up the Dublin housing market

“Let the games commence”

This guy caught drunkenly singing is your new spirit animal

We’ve all been this soldier.

Wanted man said he planned to ‘chill for the weekend’, then turn himself in later

Oh, no pressure at all! Whenever you’re ready.

Sunday 12 April, 2015

Can You Guess Which Food Has The Most Calories?

There may be some surprises in here.

What to watch on TV tonight: Sunday

Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.

Burning question: what do you call your granny? Granny Rule This post contains a poll

Burning question: what do you call your granny?

Nana? Granny? Nanny? None of the above?

13 places to have a picnic outside the city

Because sandwiches taste way better outdoors.

One Direction fans are at war with this US TV host over a ‘racist’ Zayn Malik joke

Directioners have started the hashtag #racismisNOTajoke in response to Bill Maher’s controversial joke.

13 of the best ever sexting responses

“All night Longfellow.”

Saturday 11 April, 2015

How Embarrassing Are You In A Nightclub?

We are often there of a Saturday night, we need to know how we come across.

14 beauty short cuts for exceptionally lazy girls

That’s if you can be bothered to read this…