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#love hate

# love-hate - Monday 1 September, 2014

Hold on a minute Google… has Love/Hate’s Siobhan been recast?

Oh. There’s more than one Charlie Murphy.

# love-hate - Monday 18 August, 2014

# love-hate - Wednesday 13 August, 2014

Here’s what will happen in Love/Hate season 5*

*Some of it. As far as we know.

# love-hate - Friday 16 May, 2014

From The 9 at 9: Friday The 9 At 9

The 9 at 9: Friday

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know before you start your Friday.

# love-hate - Monday 12 May, 2014

Fran from Love/Hate is officially a dad!… It’s The Dredge

Congratulations Peter Coonan! All the best of the day’s celebrity dirt…

# love-hate - Saturday 3 May, 2014

From Column: How we lost our shame of being glued to the TV Opinion

Column: How we lost our shame of being glued to the TV

The small screen, once home to has-been actors and low-budget dross, has been revolutionised, writes Dave Winterlich.

# love-hate - Wednesday 2 April, 2014

How to avoid Love/Hate spoilers in today’s papers

It’s a minefield out there.

# love-hate - Wednesday 12 March, 2014

From The Score Hockey players knock lumps out of each other for a full minute… then high five Love Hate

Hockey players knock lumps out of each other for a full minute… then high five

These guys actually seem to enjoy getting punched repeatedly in the face.

# love-hate - Tuesday 10 December, 2013

Elmo from Love/Hate met the real Elmo in Vegas

We’re having a hard time telling them apart.

# love-hate - Monday 2 December, 2013

From Sorry Nidge: Toy Show beats Love/Hate as most-watched programme of the year Battle Of The Ratings

# love-hate - Tuesday 19 November, 2013

Love/Hate’s Moynihan to star alongside Will and Grace’s Grace on Broadway

Well that’s a change in career direction.

# love-hate - Saturday 16 November, 2013

From Facebook, Haughey and Love/Hate: The week in numbers In Numbers

Facebook, Haughey and Love/Hate: The week in numbers

Plus: What’s the average monthly rent in Ireland?

# love-hate - Monday 11 November, 2013

Some people were very upset about the Love/Hate finale Love/Hate

Some people were very upset about the Love/Hate finale

Many viewers were frankly miffed.

The Love/Hate finale: Deaths, Mr Universe and wee on your cornflakes

Season Four went out with a bang (and a body count) last night. Here’s how it happened.

# love-hate - Sunday 10 November, 2013

The internet’s best responses to Love/Hate season 4

From Tommy’s arse on Facebook to the Love/Hate cat on Twitter

# love-hate - Saturday 9 November, 2013

Ron Burgundy’s message for Ireland about the Love/Hate finale

He thinks the accents are ‘rustic and charming’.

# love-hate - Thursday 7 November, 2013

Love/Hate US remake confirmed, to be announced ‘in weeks’

Writer Stuart Carolan said the remake would likely be a complete reinvention of the hit show.

# love-hate - Wednesday 6 November, 2013

What’s Fran plotting against Nidge in the Love/Hate finale?

Two teaser clips have been released, hinting at the plot.

# love-hate - Monday 4 November, 2013

Last night’s Love/Hate: Nidge’s sex face, a big death and Keith Duffy

It was an action-packed hour. Here’s what we learned…

# love-hate - Monday 28 October, 2013

# love-hate - Thursday 24 October, 2013

Next episode of Love/Hate features Nidge brandishing a sword in his pants

Looks like the nets are closing in on Nidge.

# love-hate - Wednesday 16 October, 2013

Love/Hate’s real-life garda is also in a rock band

His cover as a rock front-man has been BLOWN.

# love-hate - Monday 14 October, 2013

# love-hate - Monday 7 October, 2013

From How many people watched Love/Hate last night?* Fizzy Orange

# love-hate - Friday 4 October, 2013

Fifth season of Love/Hate is already being written

Writer Stuart Carolan has said he is already coming up with plotlines for the next season.

# love-hate - Thursday 3 October, 2013

Revealed: Stills from the new episode of Love/Hate

There’s a big white van – but what’s in the back?

# love-hate - Tuesday 1 October, 2013

You can now buy a Love/Hate Darren floor mat

Or at least, you’ll be able to soon. (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SERIES THREE.)

# love-hate - Monday 30 September, 2013

# love-hate - Thursday 26 September, 2013

Watch what Nidge, Fran, Trish and Dano are doing in new Love/Hate

Here are the characters’ individual sneak previews.

# love-hate - Tuesday 24 September, 2013

New Love/Hate images released ahead of season 4 premiere

There’s a gang of undercover cops on Nidge’s tail!

# love-hate - Friday 20 September, 2013

Story, Fran… What’s going on in the Season 4 teaser for Love/Hate?

“It’s help I need, not hassle,” the polo shirt aficionado tells two bemused men. After reciting a campfire song.

# love-hate - Friday 13 September, 2013

RTE won’t confirm Love/Hate ‘back in three weeks’

Reports today suggest that the series could be hitting screens as early October.

# love-hate - Thursday 8 August, 2013

Here’s what will happen in Love/Hate season 4*

*Some of it – small spoiler alert. Plus meet the new character!

# love-hate - Friday 26 July, 2013

An essential Love/Hate translation guide for UK viewers

They asked for subtitles, so we gave them subtitles.

# love-hate - Wednesday 24 July, 2013

Love/Hate looks set to be a big hit in the UK

The Guardian has called it “Ireland’s answer to The Wire”.

# love-hate - Friday 5 July, 2013

Yes, we’ve rated the Love/Hate lads’ penis size

We’re classy like that.

# love-hate - Wednesday 26 June, 2013

From The Score Elmo from Love/Hate* and Andriy Shevchenko photobombed by Mick O’Driscoll at Carton House Where's Nidgey?
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