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15 forgotten childhood games you definitely used to play

We’d play them all again, if you’d let us.

THEY JUST DON’T make em like they used to.

Can we come over to play?

1. Remember when you lost all the rods for this majestic exercise of of strategy and precision?

Oh yeah, I found the old electric fishing game! - Imgur

Source: Imgur

2. You’ve been whacked in the face by this ball-in-net contraption on more than one occasion


Source: Amazon

3. This was your first experience in motoring



Source: Imgur

4. You didn’t have this but your best friend’s big sister did and you would have given your young life just to play it


Source: Chacha

5. You weren’t allowed have this either, it’d have your eye out


Source: Snarky Snatch

6. Rumour had it, baby aliens grew in its head


Source: Sistersinwonderland

7. Bathtime wasn’t complete without one of these bad boys


Source: Etsy

8. You started your now-defunct radio career on this breakthrough technology


Source: Amazon

9. You argued over steelies and plastics and still don’t know how to properly play


Source: Wiki

10. You broke loads of these flimsy yolks behind the screen


Source: PhotoBucket

12. You tried your best to not wake daddy


Source: thosewerethe90s

13. And to catch the mouse (if you managed to build it in the first place)


Source: Sphshops

14. You got your finger snapped by this vicious beast


Source: Amazon

15. And you’ve yet to sweat as much as you did navigating this impossible labyrinth


Source: Shesaved

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